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Superb! Website 300 Award!본 사이트가 받은 웹 사이트 어워드 수상 내역입니다.
Thanks very much to the sites which granted me these awards!!
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New APEX Badge file

Dear Kim Due to illegal displays of the APEX Membership Badge within non member web sites it has been decided that each APEX Member site will have individualized APEX Badges for display. Attached you will find the Badge specific for your web site this displaying a Country code and a number. Please use only this Badge with...

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Star-palace Award file

Hello Jim-Soek, i would like make you a little joy and lent you my new award. I really enjoyed my visit. I particularly liked your beautiful photographs which are very well presented. Your site is easy to navigate and is filled with interesting and informative content. You have taken a lot of time to research your topics and have...

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Our Wee One-Isabella Rose file

Our Wee One-Isabella Rose by Denny Lancaster 231004 Languish not on things to forget, nor in acts we solemnly now regret, but cherish on little things aloud, which make Isabella-Rose proud. Proud not in the sense of ones self, but in heavens treasure, our wealth, which is revealed in cheers we make, rather than of earths trea...

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EAI Rating Level 5 file

The Euro-Award-Index as well as the Deutsche-Award-Prufstelle work differently from the usual award-lists on the internet. Every award here has been carefully examined and we confirm the professionality of the allocation of the awards. We don't want to adress only the "professional" awardmasters. Therefore we adopted, following the ...

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Award Sites! Level 5.0 and Elite Member file

Evaluator's Comments =============================================== Attn: Kim Jin Seok On behalf of the AS! Rating Panel and management . . . I am happy to inform you that your award program has been upgraded to the 5.05 rating level by AWARD SITES! This achievement places your award program among the top ones on the ...

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Friendship file

Hello Jin... I just stopped by to give you big congratulations on your AS! 3.0 rating! Good Job! Vicky Millard. June 20, 2002.

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Congratulations on AS! upgrade to 3.5 file

Good morning, and congratulations on your AS! upgrade to 3.5!! We've made the change to your listing at Treasures Of The Web and have attached a little congratulations gift for you! Have a great day! Vicki Reece ... aka "Treasure" Treasures Of The Web TOTW Treasured Web Awards Received: Nov. 13, 2002.

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Friendship file

Hi Jin Seok. Please find attached a friendship badge it is the only one of it's kind designed by Murinca Designs for Jin Seok Kim!!! All the very best my friend. Bill. Awards Site UK Received: Dec. 11, 2002

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Special Friendship file

Thanks so much Kim. This is for you, I hope you like it. www.aladysview.com/friendship.html I've linked it on my main award program menu, but still have to link it to the text links at the bottom of each of my pages, tomorrow. Your morning, is my night, lol, it's 1 am here so I'm going to bed. I hope your afternoon and evenin...

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Alcazaren Gold Award (WTA) file

Comments ====================================== Greetings Jin Seok Kim, your website has won the 15th Alcazaren Gold Award. The content, design and navigation of the Korean Orchid page has been evaluated with very high scoring. Your big. concise and perfectly organized collection of Korean orchids is an excellent exampl...

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