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■ About me

Kim JinSeok     My name is Kim JinSeok. (Given name: JinSeok. Surname: Kim) I'm from South Korea.

   After graduating from an art university with a degree in oil painting, I was active in an art institute for ten years as an artist. These days I'm living in Beijing, China with my charming and pretty wife, making a living as an international trade businessman. I have a beautiful daughter studying in Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.). My mother and brother live in South Korea.

   I have enjoyed growing, painting, and taking pictures of orchids as my hobby for the past 33 years. My other hobbies are currency collecting, stamp collecting, music and photography.

   I hope to travel around the world someday and see all of the beautiful flowers and scenery with my wife.

   I hope that you will feely look around this web site and enjoy yourself.
Please feel free to indulge your visual senses.

  1979 - 1988   President of Art Academy (Korea)
  1977 - 1999   Held eight personal art exhibitions and participated in several group art exhibitions.
  1988 - 1999   Director of 'Kwangju-City Culture Center' Kyeonggi-do, Korea
  1988 - 1999   Junior Chamber International (JCI, 韓國靑年會議所) member's of Korea
  1989 - 2000   President of CheongSim Trade Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
  1996 - 1999   Executive managing director of DongSeon Consulting Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  1999 - 2005   Director of Sangik Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  2000 - 2006   Chief representative of C. M. KOR Co., Ltd. China Br.
  2000 - 2004   Reporter Editor of China Dep. of Korea Enviroment Industry Weekly.
Monthly Environment 21.
  2002 - 2005   Official director of "Korea International Orchid Interchange Society's international department".
  2002 -   Present Jury Judge several Chinese Orchid Exhibition
  2004 - 2008   Journalist of China Dep. of Korea monthly magazine "Orchid Worlds"
  2005 - 2010   Adviser Committee of 'Taiyuan Orchid Association' Shanxi-Prov., China
  2006 - 2008   International Orchid Interchange Committee & Chairman China Interchange Committee of "Korean Orchid Union"(KOU)
  2007 - 2009   Director of Hebei Mikwang pipeline Co., Ltd. (China)
  2008 -   Present Journalist of China Dep. of Korea monthly magazine "Life & Orchid"
  2010 - 2012   Vice-president of Sanil Tech (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
  2011 - 2012   Adviser Committee of 'Fuzhou Orchid Association' Fujian-Prov., China
  2013 -    Present CEO of CheongSim Orchid Garden Co., Ltd, China
Membership of WWWEC (World Wide Web Ethics Community)

COE 2004 - Global
~ My Family ~
~ My Family: Mar. 11, 2000 Beijing China ~
APEX Member

Goun Kim: National Honor Society Membership(U.S.A.)