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■ Owner, Webmaster and Evaluator : Kim JinSeokㆍS. Korea

   judge_kim.jpgMy first name is JinSeok and last name is Kim.

I'm from Korea. I was born in Korea on May 4, 1960. After graduating from an art university with a degree in oil painting, I was active in an art institute for ten years as an artist.


 Director of Kwangju-City Culture Department, Kyonggi Province, Korea (Since 1987)

Official director of "Korea International Orchid Interchange Society's international department".

Official director of "Corporation Korean Calanthe Society's International Cooperation department.  Membership of "Orchid Love Club" of Korea.

  Retired Membership of Junior Chamber International (JCI - Korea) (1988~1999)


  Owner and Webmaster:
"GOCEA - Korean Orchid" and "Korea Award ", "Campaign Anti-War", "FengLan - Wi nd Orchid "

  Website evaluator over the age of 40 Membership.

  APEX, WWWEC, TEAM, IWARA, Ethics Pledge Membership.


  System used for evaluation: Surfing and reviewing sites using Windows-XP Pro operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 & Mozilla Firefox on a 17" LCD monitor with screen resolution of both 1024 X 768 and 1280 X 1024 using ADSL (128Kbps) and Cable line (512Kbps) at home.

■ Mr. Huub Crapels Role: Evaluator of Dutch- and German-language site.

judge_huub.jpg Living in a small town in the south of Holland, was born in October 23, 1952.
and currently work at the town hall as a security guard.

He is the Owner and Webmaster of BV.Lindenheuvel and BV.Lindenheuvel Award Program


: : Which is currently rated at : :
APEX membership.
Rated World's Top Award Program.
Awards Sites! 5.0,
Webs Awards Level 4,
Euro Award Index Level 5.
UWSAG Level 4.0.
Olymp Award Index Rated 4.
CEM/CEMA Member.



: : Official Evaluator of the BigEye Award Program.
Spirit of Scouting Online Awards,
1 Simple Guide Web Award (1SGWA).
Official Evaluator of the Korea Award Program,
WECP Certified Evaluator.
Official Evaluator - Awards Site UK.
Evaluator - DSL award.
Evaluator - Anti Stimm Award "No Fake Awards"
Official Evaluator - Euro Award Index (EAI).
UWSAG (Official Board members)

■ Mr. Vitor Oliveira Role: Evaluator of Portuguese-language site.

judge_vitor.jpg From Portugal and Born in 11 July 1963.

He is the Owner and Webmaster of the
BigEye Siteport! and BigEye Award Program

: : With the current rating levels : :
Rated World's Top Award Program
Award Sites! 4.5. WebsAwards Supreme 1 Star 10 / Lord. World Best 7.
UWSAG Level 6 Member and Evaluator.
Euro Award Index Level 5 and Order of Merit (Top Award Master).
Galaxy Award Index Level 2 Stars. Olymp Award Index Level 5.


CEM/CEMA Website Evaluator Member.
TOTW Certified Evaluator. WECP Certified Evaluator.
Web Quality and Ethics Professor by RAU.
evaluator_Vitor.gif Official Evaluator of Absolut Award Program. and Flame of Nature Awards Program.
Official member and Official Evaluator of the EAI.
Official Evaluator of 1 Simple Guide Web Award.
Official Judge of Safe Haven Awards Program.
Official Evaluator of the Korea Award Program.
Official Evaluator - Awards Site UK.

■ Mr. Nikola Kitanovic Role: Evaluator of Serbian-, Croatian-, Bosnian-, Bulgarian-, Slovak-, Czech-, English-, Macedonian- and Gypsy-language site.

judges_Nikola.jpg From Serbia (Yugoslavia), Nikola Kitanovic was born on February 1956. He is a poet, novelist, painter, writer of essays, critics, studies... He has had experience with media, starting form literature, experimental art, TV shows, esoterica, Internet, web design. Nikola is the expert for concept, aesthetics and strategy of web design and he can speak the following languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnjak, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, English, Macedonian and Gypsy.


evaluator_Nikola1.gif His works and books have been translated into the following languages: English, German, Swedish, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian and Macedonian. His works appear under his name and under the following pseudonyms: Raul Amon, Fonif Esnoseso, Dzoni Serbino, Johnny Serbino, Nijo.


Mr. Kitanovic is one of the founders of Kingdom of Internet, WebsAwards, MAS and RAU, holding the position of the expert and the professor of the web ethics and aesthetics.


Nikola is the founder of Flame of Nature Awards Program, Absolut Project and the co-creator of a number of awards programs on the net such as DNA, Infinity, D&N Vision, 20 Internet Crown, Golden Stamp, Golden Bytes, Golden Lyre etc.

■ Mr. Bill Murray Role: Evaluator of English-language sites.

judge_Bill.jpg From the United Kingdom. He was born in London.
He is the Owner and Webmaster/Director of "Raul Amon Cosmetics Ltd."


"Award Givers United (AGU)" World Best Indices 4


"Awards Site UK" (Program Closed)

WebsAwards Site Reader.
Disputes Director for APEX
WebsAwards Level 10* / Prince
evaluator_BillMurray.gif Rated 4.0 by Award Sites!
World Best 3,
Rated 5 from UWSAG.

Official Site Readers of WebsAwards & Leaves Laurel Award program.
Anti Virus Coalition - Official Membership.
Member of World's Best Graphics Club - Webs Award
Official Evaluator of Korea Orchid Award Program.
Official Evaluator of the BigEye Award Program.
Expert-Evaluator in the Absolut Awards Program
Registered Member of the UK Web Design Association.

■ Mr. Ertan Fedai Role: Evaluator of English-, Turkish-language site.

judge_ertan.jpg I was born Nov. 27, 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey.
My Occupation : Computer systems consultant.


I am the webmaster and the owner of The Wheel Of Life Award Program (Program Closed)
Launched:15 June 2002


: : With the current rating levels : :
evaluator_ertan.gif Award Sites! 3.0,
Webs Awards Level 8(Earl).
Euro Award Index Level 2.

Member of UWSAG
Member of IWA
Member of The Html Writers Guild
Official Evaluator J&E Awards program
Official Evaluator Awardssites UK.
Official Evaluator Korea Orchid Award program.
Official Evaluator of the BigEye Award Program.

■ Mr. Gianni Role: Evaluator of Italian-language site.

evaluator_Gianni.gif From Italian and Born 27 June 1964 in Rieti, Italy.


He is the Owner and Webmaster of
Web Design 2000 - Awards Program
: : With the current rating levels : :
Award Sites! 3.5,
Webs Awards Level 9.5 / Lord.
UWSAG Level 3.
World Best 9.
GTA Rated Level 3.0 (Closed)


Official Evaluator of Assess Risk Award Program.
Official Evaluator of the Korea Award Program.

■ Mr. Kai U. Hagemann Role: Evaluator of German-language site.

judge_kai.jpg I was born 1965 in Hagen/Westf. in Germany.
I am online since 9 years.
2 years later he built his first website.
In the year 2000 started with unsers.de.
In the year 2001 he started his Award program.
Kai- Uwe is listed.
I am the webmaster and the owner of Unsers Award Program


: : With the current rating levels : :
evaluator_Kai.gif Award Sites! 4.0,
Webs Awards Level Supreme 10* / Count.
UWSAG Level 3.
Hyankintos best 9 of the World
AECG and CEM/CEMA and R -IWA Member.
Registered in the "White List"
Supporters with n.f.a. Action at about Pseudoawards.
Supporters with Action at endless Music at Internet.
Web Site Quality Evaluator and Professor of RAU.
Anti Virus Coalition - Official Membership.
Evaluator Olymp Award Index.
Evaluator Absolut Award and Evaluator Uwe Ramm.
Official Evaluator of Korea Award Program.
Official Evaluator - Awards Site UK.

■ Mrs. Marie Murray Role: Evaluator of English-language site.

judge_MarieMurray.jpg From the United Kingdom.

Name: Marie Murray Webmistress.

Co Owner and Webmistress of Awards Site UK.

evaluator_MarieMurray.gif AS 4.0, WA 10, UWSAG 5
Co Owner and Webmistress "Murinca Designs".
Co Owner and Webmistress (AGU) Award Givers United.
Wife of Bill Murray.

Mother of three children and typist for our web sites.

Official Evaluator - BigEye Award program..
Expert-Evaluator in Absolut Awards.
Official Evaluator of Korea Award Program.

■ Mrs. Marja-Riitta Role: Evaluator of English- language sites.

evaluator_Marja.gif Marja-Riitta, the owner, webmaster and designer of Black Russian Terrier Pages and Black Russian Terrier Award Program.

My first non-rated Award Program was published in 1998.

I have been involved in the Internet since 1997 and have designed some websites for my friends.
I'm also a webmaster of Finnish Black Russian Terrier Club and International Black Russian Terrier Webring.


My great passion is this rare breed Black Russian Terrier.

■ Mrs. Nuriza A.T. (Iza) Role: Evaluator of Malay-language site.

judge_iza.jpg From Perak, Malaysia, was Born in 1977. A fully trained credit control analyst and administrative manager; used to work as a teller, clerk, collector, credit control analyst, secretary, administrative assistant and administrative manager on both temporary and permanent basis since 1995.


evaluator_Nuriza.gif She is the Webmistress of 1 Simple Guide (1SG), and
1 Simple Guide Web Award (1SGWA) - Program retired

: : Which is currently rated at : :
Award Sites! 4.5
Level 10 by WebsAwards / Lord.


Member of APEX, CEM/CEMA.
The HTML Writers Guild.
Official Evaluator of the BigEye Award Program,
Official Evaluator of the Korea Award Program,
Official Evaluator - Awards Site UK.

■ Mr. Sasha Homichevsky Role: Evaluator of Russian-language site.

evaluator_SashaHomichevsky.gif From the Russia.

Name: Sasha Homichevsky Webmistress.
Owner and Designer Celine-Russia Site
One of the most awarded sites on the Internet.
This site has more than 1000 awards, 300 of them are AS! rated.
Twice it was chosen at Award Picks. Des 2001 and Aug 2002.
AS! Hall of Honor.

■ Mrs. Judy Manns Gavette Role: Evaluator of English- and French-language sites.

judge_Judy.gif My name is Judy Manns Gavette, and I'm from Michigan, USA. I was born June 26th 1950.


I've been married to my French born high school sweetie for many, many years.


I'm proud of the fact that my wonderful hubby and I have managed to raise a wonderful family: consisting of 2 sons and 2 daughters.


Now we are the proud grand parents of 5 grandchildren, one of which we are raising as our own.
I've always had a deep interest in the political process and come from a very political family.


evaluator_judy.jpg I also have a great love and appreciation for this wonderful country we live in.
Nowhere else in the world is one free to express themselves, as they are here, in the GREAT U.S.A!


It was then that I decided to try my hand at the craft of webweaving.
Once I made my first website, I was became completely addicted, and to this day, I believe that there is no better way of self expression and sharing ones gifts and insights with others than through the wonders of the internet.


 My greatest wish and purpose for creating this award program.
Is to give recognition to deserving webmasters who through their dedication, content and creativity leave a lasting positive impression concerning America and our way of life, so that their site visitors leave knowing what a wonderful and special country; The United States Of America really is.


thanks_judy.jpgDo I have experience in the Award Community you might ask? Yes, I do.
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, family duties and health problems ( which are over now ); I had to close down my Spiritual site ( yes, even Spiritualists can be patriotic, lol )
"A Lady's View" as well as the rated and respected "A Lady's View Awards" program attached to it.
Webmaster and owner of Seal Of Patriotism Award Program.


I also have the honor of being a site evaluator [ French and English Language Sites ] for both: "Bandit's Place".

■ Mr. Bernard Howe Role: Advisor & Senior Evaluator of English-language sites.

judges_BernardHowe.jpg My name is Bernard Howe and I was born in 1946 in a small Midwestern town in Illinois in the USA.


My mother was an Irish immigrant and my father was a returning soldier from WWII. I attended school there then joined the navy. I got married and moved to Arizona where we raised 2 children and now they have given me 3 grandkids.


I still live in Arizona and work as many positions for a construction company.
I am a project manager / estimator and I also run our AutoCAD department.


evaluator_BernardHowe.gif I became interested in computers in the mid 1990's and bought my computer in 1997 and started learning how to build websites ever since.
I started teaching basic html at Web Tech University in 1998 and then advanced classes in 1999; I started getting into teaching css in 2002.


I have since developed my genealogy web site called "My link in Time" and now have my own award program called "Keepsake Awards".


I evaluate for many award programs and enjoy meeting and helping people improve their web sites for W3C and WAI accessibility.

■ Mrs. Eva Lindqvist Fagerstr�m Role: Evaluator of English- and Swedish-language sites.

judge_Eva.jpg I was born 1950 in Stockholm, Sweden. I lived my early life in Stockholm before my family moved to Norrtalje, a small town at the east coast of Sweden. Today I live in Akersberga which is another small town at the east coast of Sweden.
I am married and we have two grown up boys and a bunch of wonderful grandchildren.

evaluator_Eva.gif During the years I have been working as purchaser, information technology coordinator, environment coordinator and as a head of an administrative unit. I am currently working as an economist.

I am the owner and creator of Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al.
I have been running the Red Paw Award program since June 2001. This award program has changed name and is now called Eminent Choice Web Award.

■ Mr. Uwe Ramm Role: Evaluator of German- and English-language site.

judges_Uwe.jpg Hello, thats me, Uwe Ramm. I was born in 1946.
and live in the beautiful town Bremen in Germany.

The last time I worked as an official in an American Company in Frankfurt/Main.

My hobbies are computer, animals and friendships.
I am the webmaster and the owner of
Uwe's Award Awards Program.
My homepage is oneline since 1998.


evaluator_uwe.gif : : With the current rating levels : :
Award Sites! 4.0,
WebsAwards Level 10 / Count.
UWSAG Level 3.
World Best 8.
Euro Award Index 3.
AECG Member in Training.
Olymp Award-Index Level 3
Evaluator Olymp Award Index
Official Evaluator of Unsers Award Program.
Official Evaluator of Korea Award Program.


Members of World Wide Web Ethics Community
Membership of CEM/CEMA: May 2005 Program Closed
APEX Member
AEC Global Member: Program Closed