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Member Since 2002
Award Sites! as a Key Resource in the Home category: Oct. 08, 2003
iClass AA Content Site for All Audiences (Child Safe)
Award Sites! Elite Member
About Award Sites!
Set Standards . . . for website award and review programs so that interested submitters know the quality of the award relative to strict criteria and rules. Even the award issuing site's overall design and presentation is considered by a highly seasoned and qualified rating panel in determining an award program's rating. There are six general rating level sections with separate general and theme menus for the 3.0 to 5.0 levels. Moreover, 3.0 to 5.0 rating levels are presented on individual pages with at least one award image . . . and the 5.0 rated award program pages include a screenshot of the respective index/entry page.
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AWARD SITES! - Level 3.0 : June 19, 2002.
Jul. 06, 2002 ~ Nov. 12, 2002
AWARD SITES! - Level 3.5: Nov. 13, 2002.
Nov. 13, 2002 ~ Apr. 08, 2003
AWARD SITES! - Level 4.0: Apr. 09, 2003.
Apr. 09, 2003 ~ Sep. 09, 2003
AWARD SITES! - Level 4.5: Sep. 10, 2003.
Sep. 10, 2003
Compliance Validation and W3C Rating Level 4.5: Oct. 08, 2003
Compliance Validation and W3C
Rating Level: Oct. 08, 2003
AS! Rating Level 5.0w3c: Sep. 08, 2004
Rating Level: Sep. 08, 2004
Retired: Aug. 10, 2006
Retired: Aug. 10, 2006

::: Special Comment :::

My dear grandson I was saddened to hear that you are closingyour Korean Orchid Award Program. We have traveled many roads together. I still listen to the wonderful CD you sentto me and use the bookmarker and other gifts too.

Please accept not only my thank you from the heart, butfrom all of us at AS!.

You have left us with fond memories my grandson. Trustingthat our paths will cross again, either on mother earth or in the life hereafter.

Attached is something special for a very special person.

Your friend always,

August 14, 2006
Denny Lancaster-D'Conformer
AS! Compliance Manager
"Bettering The Net By Striving For Excellence"

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WebsAwards Member
WebsAwards Member
WebsAwards Forum
There are 5 general rating level sections with separate general and theme menus for the 1 to 5.
Previous Membership by WebsAwards
Founder Nikola Kitanovic
WebsAwards Rating Level 10 (Prince)  - Aug. 28, 2002
Noble title: Prince
WA Professional
WA Approved Site  - 0070
WebsAwards FORUM
How to make an Award Program, Award Resources, Code of Ethics,...
Noble title: Prince
World's Best Graphics Club - WebsAwards - Jul. 31, 2002
WA-ICS Knight
Human Help: Nature Aid - June12,2002
WebsAwards Rating Level 9.5 (Prince)  - May. 20, 2002
May. 20, 2002 ~ Aug. 27, 2002
WebsAwards Rating Level 10 (Prince)  - Aug. 28, 2002
Aug. 28, 2002 ~ May. 17, 2004

■ Membership - Euro Award Index

Rating Level 5.0 from European Webaward Community EW-C

Rating Level 5.0 from European Webaward Community EW-C
Euro Award Index Rating Level 5: Apr. 12, 2004
Euro Award Index - Official Evaluator
The Euro-Award-Index as well as the Deutsche-Award-Prufstelle work differently from the usual award-lists on the internet. Every award here has been carefully examined and we confirm the professionality of the allocation of the awards.

We don't want to adress only the "professional" awardmasters. Therefore we adopted, following the American example, a system using five levels. If you meet the first level's minimal standard, you will be admitted to our index.
We want to encourage beginners to apply. It is self-evident that the awards even on the lowest level meet our examiners' high standards. You will find further information in the category "Criteria".
Professionals as well as amateurs are welcome to apply again at any time, in order to achive a higher rating after their sites' revision.
Order of Merit (Top Award Master)
Dear friend,

I am happy to tell you , that the jury (of course without you) decides to give you the EAI - Order of Merit for your special "work" for the webawards!!

More information about that is in the "awards" - "order of merit" section.

Feel free to use one or both of theses badges for your homepage.

Have a good night, Roland
Received: Oct. 05, 2002
Order of Merit (Top Award Master)
Euro Award Index Level 1: Jul. 05, 2002
Jul. 05, 2002
Euro Award Index Level 2: Aug. 21, 2002
Aug. 21, 2002
Euro Award Index Level 3: Oct. 07, 2002
Oct. 07, 2002
Euro Award Index Level 4: Oct. 05, 2003
Oct. 05, 2003
Copyright of the EAI / DtAP

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UWSAG Rating Level
UWSAG Member
UWSAG Member
UWSAG Seal of Approval Nommine
UWSAG Top 10 Contributor
UWSAG SOA Bronze Winners: Oct. 23, 2003
UWSAG Top 10 Selected
UWSAG Top 10 for May, 2003
UWSAG Top 10 for Oct, 2003
UWSAG Top 10 for Nov, 2003
UWSAG Rating Level 2: Jul. 10, 2002
Jul. 10, 2002
UWSAG Rating Level 4: Nov.12, 2003
Nov. 12, 2002
UWSAG's rating levels are not an indication of an award's popularity, or of how many people have received your award. UWSAG strives to give value and achievement to the award giver/seeker. As an award giver and/or webmaster you play a vital role in making the overall internet experience better.

■ Membership - RAU & R-IWA

Program Retired: May. 15, 2004
Web Site Quality Evaluator and professor of RAU
RAU Quality Approved Site - Jul. 29, 2002
Family Friendly and Children safety site.
Anti Virus Coalition - Official Membership - June 17, 2002
Best Awards in the World - List 9.
The purpose of RAU can be divided into four basic groups :
1. Help to all who want to inprove their own existing awards program.
2. Help to all who search for awards, instructions how to improve their sites in order to make award winning easier
3. Ethical evaluation of the site according to how family friendly/children safe they are
4. Education and establishing of web site evaluators? web experts and ethics experts

■ Membership - Olymp Award Index

Olymp Award Index Rating Level
OAI Forum
Olymp Award Index
Olymp Award Index Level 4: Mar. 25, 2003
The Olymp Award Index assigns rating seals with the Rating level of 1.0 to 6.0. Further explanations are listed under the criteria section. With these Rating's we give beginners a chance to develop their Award Program. We are open for all questions about Awards, even if you do not want to apply for a rating seal. At present only German-language and English sites are accepted.
Olymp Award Index Level 3: Sep. 30, 2002
Sep. 30, 2002
Olymp Award Index Level 4: Mar. 25, 2003
Mar. 25, 2003
Olymp Award Index Level 4: Mar. 25, 2003
Nov. 14, 2003

■ Membership - Anti - Stimm-Award

Anti-Stimm-Award Banner
Official Evaluator banner - ASA
More and more we see innumerably gained awards on a lot of sites. The most of the visitors think by the visitations of these sites, "WOW, these site must be well" : "The webmaster has a lot of experience about Homepages" : "I haven't any awards yet but he has so much of them". "Is he so good?"...

But in many instances these are only voting and fake-awards.
By the voting-award there are a number of sites for vote and the visitors are supposed to vote for the best of them. Okay there for it was imagined ...

But any time some of the webmasters were so clever, and thought, I could send my visitors to these sites and then they can vote for me.

After a time more and more people follow this idea but then the voting-award-master got the idea to give these subscriber a button on the way. The idea was simple. X place a award, the visitors are estimate, X must send the award, X is giving his subscriber a button, which the candidate must place apparitional on his site, to get more voting's and visitors. There for, if you have more voting-awards more visitors will come to your site.

■ Membership - Safe Surf Rating

Internet Content Rating Association
iClass AA Content Site for All Audiences (Child Safe)
Official Member : 020903-1 : iWatchDog
Family Friendly Sites
Official Member: 020903-1 : iWatchDog
Official Web site - iWatchDog
TOTW Family Safe Site
Child Safe Web site - iWatchDog
Family Friendly and Children safety site: Program retired - May. 15, 2004

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Website Awards Worksheet - Over 500 Award Sites
TOTW Evaluator Certified: Program Closed
Listed in The Webmaster's Guide to Glory!
International Award Master Society Members
The Awards Hot List is a categorized index of quality award programs rated by various community organizations.
All award graphics, pictures and logos are the sole property of the individual owners of the award programs listed with us.
Membership of CEM/CEMA: May 2005 Program Closed
APEX Member
AEC Global Member: Program Closed
Mesweet Award site
Trust Worthy Website
The Award Giver's Creed: Program Closed
Award Academy Forum
Anti-Stimm-Award: Dec. 16, 2003 Program Closed
Award Academy Supporter
Members of World Wide Web Ethics Community
Franzi's Reptilien Award Program List
Membership of Closed & Passed
Contributor Award Picks -UWSAG
The HTML Writers Guild
The HTML Author
International Webmasters Association
Award Givers United: Program Closed - Mar. 01, 2004
EUTODA Site Awards: Program Closed - Mar, 2004
Awards Site Rating: Program Closed - Mar. 01, 2004