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■ Self testing

Please take the self-test below before applying for an award.

Are you more than 14 years old?
Did you read all of our criteria and understand it?
Are the contents of your site family-friendly and child-safe?
I am the owner or webmaster of the site.
Is your site address a top-level domain?
Does your site contain copyright violations?
If your site collects personal information, does your site have a Privacy Statement?
Do you use original graphics that demonstrate creativity and artistic sense?
Have you taken loading time into consideration when you created your graphics?
Does your site use more than 5 animations and/or flashing of text per page? (If so, do not apply)
Do you use ALT tags (remarks) and height and width information on images?
Did you use colors and font sizes that create harmony between fonts and backgrounds?
Did you use META tags (title, keywords, description, content, etc.)?
Did you check for any 404 or DNS errors on your site? Did you check for broken links and missing images?
Does your site have current, up-to-date content?
Do you have a page that offers free services (graphics, web tools, etc.) to visitors?
Did you check your grammar and spelling?
Did you construct your site so that their is no horizontal scroll bar at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolutions?
Does your site have mistake-free HTML coding, clearly arranged?
Did you check your site for Java and JavaScript errors?
Is your theme consistent throughout your site?
Does your site have mistakes in frames composition?
Is your navigation arranged so that all pages of your site may be searched efficiently?
Do you have SKIP options for pages that use Flash?
If your site uses background music, do you provide an ON/OFF option?
Is your site completely free of pages that are unfinished or under construction?
Does your site contain more than 20 pages of information on your subject?
Does every page of your site have a link to the home page?
Does your site use mouse trailers?
We do not accept web sites containing useless information such as pornography, smoking and alcohol ads, racism, animal abuse, illegal sales ads, etc., including sites with links to these. (If these are found, your site will be disqualified.)

If you find that your site does not comply with some of the above items, please carefully read our criteria again. You may email questions about the criteria to the Webmaster

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Good luck and have a good time!